• Feeling at Home in Fullerton

    We live here + love our community. We'll help you sell.

  • Feeling at Home in Fullerton

We live here + love our community. We'll help you sell.


We'll help you develop a winning sales plan and sell your Fullerton home. Contact us today!

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Offering charming neighborhoods, scenic recreation trails, schools with open enrollment possibilities – plus a top-notch university and hospital – it's no wonder more homebuyers are moving to Fullerton.

Additionally, the North Orange County city of more than 140,000 is a prime locale for families that have to make commutes in two directions, Mr. commuting to Los Angeles and Mrs. commuting to Irvine for example.

With the continued renaissance that Fullerton is enjoying, to truly capitalize on the equity in your home, having local representation is critical.

At Bobbett and Associates we take pride in representing your home at its best. Beyond your home, we market a lifestyle that potential buyers might enjoy within your home and also throughout your neighborhood.

Imagine the “launch open house” at your home; a young couple is drawn to the home by the impeccable online presentation. Upon arriving they are greeted at the door, personally by either James or Martina, who draw on their experiences of living in Fullerton to extol the virtues of the city.

Your would-be buyers then enjoy a glass of wine by your pool, or on your patio, and immediately begin to start feeling right at home.

Our signature wine and cheese event offers the best of casual California entertaining. The idyllic setting of your outdoor living space, the trademark California weather and perhaps a palm tree swaying in the breeze.

During our preview events; where we invite neighbors, brokers and the public alike, homebuyers can truly visualize relaxing and entertaining while having a chance to mingle with neighbors and learn more about what the community has to offer.

This at-home feeling is the exact feeling we are looking to create for prospective homebuyers. We’d love the opportunity to discuss this marketing practice, among others with you, should you be contemplating the sale of your home.

James & Martina are proud to go the extra mile for clients and their invitation preview events are one way to create “a feeling of home in Fullerton” that sets your property apart from the rest.

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Company License #01272441

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